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OUR Vision  
 We envision a world at Matthews - Scippio Academy Ozark where disadvantaged children and next – generation youth will have access to services that give them the power to achieve his/her fullest potential to be successful, healthy and productive in their school, in their home, and in their community while matriculating in a nurturing environment. 
OUR Mission 
The mission of Matthews - Scippio Academy Ozark is to provide services that enable disadvantaged children and next – generation youth to become self-reliant and thrive in their homes, schools and communities.  This environment is also designed to help participants to succeed in life by educating and mentoring them in their spiritual development, academic development, and physical health development. 

Teacher and Young Student

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MSA Ozark

Catch the 20/20 Vision

December 30, 2018

Ocala’s private schools point to enrollment growth

Integration of public schools in 1967, under federal guidelines, stimulated a remarkable rise in enrollment in private schools

September 1, 2008

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“As it was then and as it remains now, the Church of God by Faith still sees a great need in the Ozark Community. We see hopelessness, despair, financial challenges, illness and lack of education.  We believe that we can join those of you who are already healers in our community by shining bright lights in areas that are in need of hope."

- H. N. Turner, President of Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark

Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark

Our Campus

271 Willa Circle

Ozark, Alabama 36360

Child Safety


Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark is concerned about the safety of its volunteers while on duty (whether on or off premises), the safety of its constituents (staff, community, etc.) and the protection of its assets and reputation.  To reduce these risks, prospective and, as applicable, current volunteers of Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark will undergo a criminal background check that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Volunteers are treated as applicants under the FCRA.  This policy sets forth guidelines for performing such background screens. Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark has selected an approved background screening provider.  All facilities and affiliates are required to use this approved provider for background screens and must comply with the provisions of this policy. 

Any questions or special considerations concerning this policy should be directed to Matthews-Scippio Academy Ozark’s Executive Director.


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