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Matthews-Scippio Academy programs are designed to enrich the lives of children of all ages, foster the "it takes a village" support and strengthen family foundations to build and strengthen the entire community.

After School Tutorials

Vetted volunteers (i.e., educators, retired educators, college students, and peer tutors) will be used to help participants to complete homework assignments in all academic subjects and planned projects.Tutorials will take place before any other curricula activities occur. (i.e. sports).


Our volunteer tutors will seek to make a difference not only in providing academic support but also in building relationships with struggling students. Our goal is to open up a technology lab that will assist students in their studies.  Volunteers will be vetted by designated MSA Ozark board members (i.e. interviewed, background check) and trained for insurance risk management.


Feeding Programs

The after school program will involve volunteers preparing a daily snack during the school week and one hot meal a quarter for program(s) recognition celebration.  Our summer program will consist of a daily breakfast and a daily lunch for those seeking a meal in the community. A food bank program will also be implemented to serve the community.

Interested Student
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Flag Football

Junior Female Softball Team


Sports: Flag Football, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball

To provide the children and teens a supportive environment where they will have the opportunity to enjoy activities and build character.

High School Basketball Team


Women Playing Volleyball


Greenhouse: Flowers and Gardening

Contingent upon a grant approval.  MSA Ozark is responsible to have enough land to put at least 1 greenhouse on it when the grant is approved. At this time, a volunteer has communicated to the governing board that he and an individual from Tuskegee University will be responsible for the training.  The training will consist of construction of the greenhouse, irrigation, planting and maintenance.   They will train children, veteran groups and serve MSA Ozark after-school programs.  The program is designed to help organizations understand the meaning of farming and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Carpentry Work


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To help each participant by providing the necessary tools, skills and support needed that will enable them to become self-reliant.

Female Speaker

Mentoring Workshop

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Father and Son

Outdoor Activities

Mentorship Program

Interested volunteers wanting to be mentors will be vetted by designated MSA Ozark board members (i.e. interviewed, background check) and trained. Classes will be provided or arranged by MSA Ozark. Potential mentees must be recommended via their parents/guardians or school district. They will be required to attend training classes given or arranged by MSA Ozark. Parents/guardian orientations classes/training will also be required. Mentors will be required to spend a minimum of 10 hours a month with mentee for a minimum of 1 year.These hours may be spent onsite or offsite.


Some recommended mentor/mentee activities will be:

  • Take a walk through the mentor’s community or take a walk through the mentee’s community 

  • Work on employment applications 

  • Explore financial aid options for college

  • Go hiking 

  • Talk about planning a career

  • Give a tour of your current workplace

  • Plan a “college work” day (work on college applications, visit a college)

  • Attend a concert • Work on a resumé 

  • Learn about financial management by opening a bank account or cleaning up a credit rating

  • Talk about balancing work and life

  • Attend a sporting event or movie

  • Attend a leadership or professional conference together

  • Visit a local vocational-technical school

  • Cook a meal with a group of other mentors and mentees

  • Shop for groceries, compare nutrition facts and prices.


The objective of this program is to empower at-risk youth in our community to make positive life choices that will enable them to maximize their personal potential. We are also striving to improve the well-being of the child by providing a role model that can support the child academically, socially and/or personally.

College Campus

College Tour

Woman Baking



Making a Difference




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